Happy Valentine’s, dearest larvae

Valentine’s Day –  a day to think about LOVE.      So why the “larvae”?  Allow me to backtrack for a second….

Love is seen and felt when we connect, when we are reminded of the Greatness in us.

I don’t believe it is Given, as much as it is Reflected, Shown, or Focused upon.


soon to be a Swallowtail butterfly…


When someone does something loving, they are not giving Love – they are only doing something that Allows someone else to Focus on the “Love” that is already inside us.



Those feelings of Greatness, of Love, of being True to who you are-  THOSE are the feelings that are continually attracting us, are beckoning us to become MORE of that.  It just feels “right”.   It pulls you to advance into something more.   Now- here comes the larvae!

When we do what comes naturally, we feel great. We feel Love, Ease and Creative.  We feel Growth. We feel the expansion of becoming more.  We want to be a better husband, or wife, or friend.  We find a way to do it.  We want to continue growing. The larvae wants to become the incredible swallowtail butterfly,  the sick cell wants to become a healthier cell, the divided want to become one, and Evolution continues to expand….

Even when the Physical cells stop working,  LOVE becomes more. It becomes More Energy.    As The Beatles sang –  “I don’t know why you say Good Bye, I say Hello, Hello, Hello”     A New energy form or connection, a new form of Love- wants to say Hello.  “Good-bye” is just what the old larvae says, or physical body says. Good- bye is what the old relationship says, as it evolves into something better.

Open yourself to LOVE, it’s everywhere and has great Momentum. Continue to say “Hello” to the greatest energies that surround us. LOVE.

Look for it. Feel it. Radiate it. It’s there, just connect.  Become that magnificent butterfly you are intended to become.



Do you have these 7 signs of a hidden Momentum?

Let’s be honest, the treadmill sucks!

However, once you have a momentum going, a repeated pattern of muscle movement, it almost takes more energy and thought to actually STOP your legs.  You find that at some point, the Momentum that you created carries you.ommentu running

A some point, we’ve created and let our own Momentum carry us on almost every subject in our life.

Think about the last time you said “That person, barking dog, political party, job, etc… is driving me crazy.” The word “driving”- pop – instantly shows some hidden Momentum.

What you have focused on is a repeated action or a thought or a person and, like the treadmill, your focused energy is NOW carrying you!  That single action, look, or comment becomes your “hot button” that was just waiting to be tapped or pushed, to reveal a behind-the-scenes Momentum in you.

It may be too fast, too slow or exactly what you want – but Everything has a Momentum.

For example, do you;

  • Love Fridays and hate Mondays?
  • Sometimes feel you’re “going nowhere” in life despite constantly busy?
  • Feel that your health and financial status remain the same no matter what you try?
  • Occasionally say, “Oh, I hate when that happens”, or “when They do that!”
  • Have knee-jerk reaction to particular words or phrases?
  • Crave a good night’s sleep?
  • Continue to attract the same kind of people into your life,wanted or unwanted?

We have given everything in our life a Momentum of it’s own. Our responsibility is to see it.  Our POWER is in our free will to decide whether it’s taking us where we want to go, or not.

Albert Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”   In other words, to keep getting more of the same, keep thinking the same way.

You have the power to change your life.  Be willing to look at your own Momentum.


Lots more information on How to Change Momentum in your life, in future blogs.  Enjoy.