The Top 7 Ways You Rock My Boat

Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”    You do that.  Everyday.

Your Family, your Friends, your Readers, and countless strangers – all feel daily ripples that YOU create by what you throw out there. You throw letters and punctuation. Sometimes you throw glances, voice inflections, actions or laughter.

You create waves endlessly, and most of them go unnoticed by you.   making waves

But – DON’T think it goes unnoticed, or isn’t felt by anyone.    YOU MATTER!

 Did you know-

  1. That quite a few people saw your message, your post or your photo on a social post, and it Inspired them, made them Laugh, or just helped them FEEL GOOD!! Even though they didn’t take the time to “Like” or “Favorite” it, you still touched their day.  Quietly, there is an appreciation of YOU. (And the karmic Universe is Not Deaf, either.)
  2. Do you know that the person you smiled at today -who was having a rough day – YOUR smile gave them a needed positive lift that pushed their own confidence into a better place! They are beginning to feel whole again, thanks to you.
  3. The person whom you allowed to cut you off in traffic today (who was busy focusing on a personal crisis in their life) Appreciated Your Kindness.  They thank you, let it go.
  4. That extra $Tip that you left for your food/drink server was the last little amount they needed to pay their bills this week, or buy a gift for someone they love. Maybe it just added to their own feeling of “I AM WORTHY”.   You rocked it.
  5. The cashier who made a mistake, and You recognized it as just that- a simple mistake that you might have made at one time as well.   She appreciates you for your understanding and helped her feel that she CAN do this new job and Things will get better!
  6. The stranger that saw YOU do something well, was inspired to try again. 
  7. That wonderful laughter of yours, lifted me, it warmed me, and reminded me “Life IS Good.” Thank YOU!!!

There are endless ripples YOU create every day, but just don’t see or know about!

Like the ringing of a bell.  Just because YOU no longer hear the sound, doesn’t mean the sound wave, or vibration, has stopped.  It didn’t.

Energy ripples endlessly.  Thanks – You Rock My Boat, my friends! 


Top 9 ways to feel Awesome today…


  1. Remember, Appreciate and feel Awe at HOW and WHY the trillions of cells in your body all kept living together, communicating and working together in relative peace –  even while you  gave them no attention, while you worked, or played or Slept!
  2. Find a way to expand your sense of time when you feel there’s just not enough of it. It could be thru mental imagery, or Mindful Breathing.  Take 1 minute every 60 to refresh your perception of where you are, and what your body is doing, and Be Aware of it again.
  3. Realize that the same building materials that made up this earth thousands or millions years ago are the same materials building what you see all around you today.  The same physical elements that made dinosaurs, and thousands of cultures and buildings and generations are the same building blocks that are building things today. The “new” buildings, money, food, cars and people weren’t brought in from another planet.  Same elements, just different energies holding the same ingredients together differently.

    photo of the Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble .

    Photo of the Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble

  4. Take an emotional minute to FEEL what it was like at your favorite secret getaway.  Maybe remember how it felt to have the warm water or sand on your feet, or the fun energy of your last vacation.
  5. Go to your kitchen, and just allow yourself 30 seconds to smell some vanilla or lemons, or any other of your favorite natural scents, or even your lover’s skin.
  6. Listen to some music that could include Mozart Sonatas, or Tchaikovsky. – Just something AWE inspiring- different than your daily tune that pumps you up.
  7. Picture in your mind, if you can’t pull it up on your phone or see it in your home,  one of your favorite pieces of artwork and connect with how the artist has given you a vibrational frequency or emotion, that they also felt, maybe hundreds of years earlier!
  8. Tonight, or early this am, simply loook up at a single star and know that what is hitting your eyeball are photons that left that celestial star years – probably thousands of years agoand NOW those photons are IN you.  How’s THAT for AWESOME!  And, Know that the bio-photons leaving your body will also continue travelling for thousands of years outward.
  9. Acknowledge, Allow and Remember your connection to your Essence, your connection to the non-physical part of you that IS the very source of Awe.

Go and have an AWE-some day!!

(and hey, do me a favor and leave a #10 for me- what is an easy way that YOU feel AWE?)

and as always, thanks for reading, my friends.