Hey you, fishlips!

“I’ll sure be happy when Friday comes around!”  Seems like I’m always “waiting” for the weekend.   Well, its come… and gone…  about a few hundred times.   Am I Happy?

I’ve also already received thousands of other things that I wanted over the years.  So, am I happy NOW?

Green_Highlander_salmon_flyA Buddhist friend used to warn me that Pain was in the attachment to things. “Look for the trap in all your cravings. There is a hook in the bait.”   I think I understand now what the hook is.

One of the hooks, was delaying my ability to feel Peace and Joy- right now.

In Happiness at Work, Dr. Rao pointed out that  by following the model of  “IF this…then That” we surrender our Happiness to something we can’t control.   If this happens, or doesn’t happen I’ll be happy. 

Dr. Rao reminded me to not let my happiness be tied to any outcome. “Linking your emotional well-being to the outcome of what you’re striving for is a flawed strategy.”

Don’t be caught.  Avoid the hook. Careful of that shiny flashy thing. You take the bait, and your PEACE or Happiness is tied to it.

Besides, after you take that bait, there will be another, and another, and another…

When will YOU be happy?



Warning – stalled traffic ahead.

Picture a vast serene field without any roads. Ok, now picture the morning commute as if it had to cross that field. Pretty scary, and yet twistedly entertaining scene, right?

There’s a sports car trying to cross it the quickest way. An old beater car trying to sneak in around the sides.  Somewhere in there is someone focused on what the other drivers think about how his car looks. Most of them are pretty busy just bumbling around worried about hitting other cars or stumps or animals. One is just wanting to follow the blonde in the convertible with her top down. 

thansk to flickrThere is no pattern of traffic and the Momentum across the field is about zero. Tons of collisions, fender benders and stalled and stuck cars. Not chaotic enough? Fine, now add everyone having a stuck Accelerator to go as fast as each car can go. Really soup up the Velocity of everyone crossing the field and what happens? Yeah, not a pretty picture. 

Doesn’t that sound like our own lives sometimes?  All Velocity and no path, and you get one hot mess. Not fun!   Now, imagine a paved road for all those cars.

  • “No road” also helps explain why most people are, believe it or not,  actually NOT happy with many Choices. They find themselves still scattered in their thoughts even AFTER a choice has been made. They still spend energy on wondering if they made the “best” choice, and why the other choice might have been a “better” option. Second-guessing themselves only because they have too many cars with different intentions trying to cross that field. 
  • If you find yourself with lots of little Projects partially done, you may find some loose cars riding around in your own field of thought.
  • It has everything to do with Forgiveness. Holding on to thoughts, words or deeds that someone else has done “to you”, is just steering more cars OFF the highway to run Continuously in circles through your field of thought.

Remember “A Chicken and some Toilet Paper”?  When you pre-pave your path with Intentions, you’ll have a more comfortable journey crossing the field to where you want. You’ll save time. You’ll succeed. You’ll be less distracted. As Dr. Rao said, you’ll be happier because you are “Investing in your process, not the outcome”. Then, when you accelerate you can really go somewhere!

Don’t make it harder than it is. What do YOU WANT from life?

Listen to those slight (or tugging) wisps of wind that come thru your field of thoughts. Where are they calling?  Intentionally build a road there.