Frogs explain the “The Law of Attraction”

The Secret” should have been called The Secretions. But then who would have watched it, right?    Gross!     Here, let some Frogs explain.

We’ve all heard about the Poisonous Frogs that can kill with their secretions. You know just by looking at them – “Warning-something is unpleasant here.”  Used by natives, the frog’s secretions are placed on an arrow’s tip, so when the tiny puncture doesn’t kill an animal, the secretion will.poison dart frog and law of attraction

Scientist have recently discovered that as Poison frogs change their diet their dangerous slime also changes!

One study by Scott Norris, as reported in National Geographic News, showed that as these frogs change their daily food intake, they change what they secrete. The Law of Attraction in Frogs. As they intake less vile substances, like alkanoids, their poisons emitted are reduced.  (Of course you realize that there are hundreds of studies that link Human’s food and mood relationships as well…)

OK, so let’s get froggy with it –  What do YOU secrete?

Look around and find someone “stern”. He warns you visibly, like Mr. Frog, with body language and voice that says “I secrete something unpleasant, stay away!”  REMEMBER- What we secrete, we concrete in our lives. Just as his permanent scowl has been concreted upon his face, showing that his story has been built upon taking in unpleasant things.

Most secretions are used and generated to allow critters to adapt to its environment. You can secrete Bile or Adrenaline to help you digest or to flee. An oyster or seashell can secrete calcium carbonate to protect. And of course our Poison Arrow frog friend can secrete poison to easily kill.

What does your INTENTIONAL  in-take tell YOU to do with YOUR environment? Do you feel you have to Protect?

Just like Mr poison frog – What you Consume  determines what you Create. An endless cycle. Secreted becomes concreted.

Give focus to what you Consume, or what you “take in” through your senses. Stop focusing on or absorbing negative, and you’ll be less toxic to others.  Others will begin to respond differently to you.   Look for things to ADD to your diet – Laugh some more,   Meditate, Feel some Awe, Enjoy more Love and Joy,  simply Smile for fun, Enjoy a favorite piece of Music, Art or Writing, or Food, or Aroma, or Inspirational speaker on YouTube. It’s up to YOU to do it!

What are you secreting?   What has been Concreted in your life?

Laughter lines, I hope. (though not too visibly, of course!)


Yes, the leaves will fall, but….

As the leaves fall, they inspire me. The cycle of energy continues true enough.

Isn’t it easy to see how the Tree is better off for the leaf that existed?  The next generation will be better off because this generation existed. The Tree will grow and expand from what these leaves made possible.

The leaf fed something seemingly Infinite and Eternal – compared to its own short physical existence. Yet the Tree could not exist or expand without it.  Do you think the Tree saw the leaf as a leaf, thru temporarily binocular vision?  Or do you think the eternal Tree FELT the presence, and felt the expansion each leaf allowed and created?


Do you think the atoms in the falling leaf mind that they are soon to be used as nutrients in a different shape?  They will come back as Energy to build something else. Can you feel how the atoms may not care about the short-term shape they’re in?

The leaf expanded because of the interaction with the atoms, and the atoms experienced something different while being a leaf.

The links are as endless as they are real. Do you see how maybe a forested area might feel about a single tree? Or maybe the earth might feel about a particular forested area?   Or maybe how a star might appreciate what planets do for it?

Or maybe – how the Universe silently Appreciates and Feels what YOU do for it?