Life Lessons from Musca domestica

I had an ugly reminder today of how to live beautifully.

My wife and I had just sat down to play a challenging game of chess. (The challenge is only for me, as she’s a natural pro!)

No sooner than we had sat down, when an annoying house fly made its presence known by dive bombing our heads. It obviously wanted to get to know us personally and up close. Made me laugh, you know, really cute…. for about 20 seconds.

House_FlyAfter a minute of this fly wanting our attention, we gave it. Gladly.  We both got up and started chasing the thing to shoo it out an open door.  Definition of Futile – “To chase something far smaller, and far faster than yourself.”

So, having the larger brain, we decide to win using Technology.  The Insectivore Weapon of Mass Destruction – The Vacuum!   OH NO!!!!!  (Spiders shriek and shrink back into their nether worlds and corners.)  So, we take off any attachments and just use the long part of the vacuum tube to chase the pesky guy around the living room, trying to get close and suck it up. Yes, I’m sure Mr. Musca Domestica was quite happy with someone to finally play with. Alas, we had other intentions!

WARNING  if there are any Fly Lovers reading this- SPOILER ALERT- this story does not end pretty. Just stop reading here and picture it happy on some bear dung in the wild somewhere…

After about 20 frustrating minutes, we had almost destroyed a few glass knick-knacks by us swinging the extension of the vacuum, and still no luck.  The fly just kept taunting us and landing on her, and then me. I’m sure other flys in the area could hear it’s high pitched insect belly laughs!

Tired and with our spirits broken, we sat down and decided we’d use logic and patience since technology and hard work had failed us. We decided, “OK, a fly’s life span is what about 5-10 days? Why not just see if we can “let if be” for a while, and in 10 days we’ll pay tribute to it in a fine windowsill burial somewhere?”  OK, back to the chess game…

All of a sudden, we hear BZZZZZZZ THWACK SSSSS, and then that particular acrid smell. The fly had flown right into the halogen bulb of our floor lamp, and was now just a sizzling hot insect entree for a local bird.

We laughed at our own efforts and attempts. Then, we thanked the fly for its sacrifice just to remind us –

  1. Give your problem to the Universe, and it will use Tools and Connections that you aren’t even aware of to fix your “needs”.
  2. Step out of the Immediacy of any “problem”, and you’ll find that it solves itself IF given an opportunity.
  3. Don’t EVER overstay your welcome at our house!   (hee-hee)

(And, YES,  thanks for asking…..  I DID win the game of chess.   It was a good day.)



Just a reminder, don’t be an elephant.

Elephants aren’t stupid, in fact they have a great memory, probably TOO good.  But then, so do we. 

A small circus came through town last week, and as the animals were outside the tents for the public to come admire, it just amazed me to see those enormous elephants tethered to this little stake in the ground with a very small chain.

Here was an animal that weighed up to 14,000 pounds, with massive natural strength, being held in place by something that I could probably work out of the ground. (Yes, I’ve had some bacon lately, but I haven’t put on THAT much weight..)

So how does the magic chain work?  It only had the terrible magic of “Conditioning” dust on it, that’s all.


Thanks to TwistedSifter for the image.

It turns out that while the elephant was very young, it was secured by a chain and a stake by it’s trainers. The cute little guy “learns” the “fact” that the connection is unbreakable and real.

One temporary perception becomes “a fact” for an un-focused and un-challenging elephant.

Feel a twinge in your heart for the little elephant?  Feel that love for yourself as well! In our lives, others have applied their versions of a tether to what they thought we could or could not do.

Learn to recognize a tether when you see, hear or feel it.  It doesn’t matter how old the chain is, how new it is, or what “trainer” put it there. Doesn’t matter whether it was someone you respect like a family member, lover, teacher, doctor or friend.

One of my favorite quotes from the entertaining speaker Les Brown, is “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality!”

Crush, shred or ignore that petty little, wispy perception of theirs, and unchain your potential, your power.

People forget to ALSO tell us that WE HAVE GREATNESS IN US!  

  • Do you believe that you were created BY the same life source as everyone who has ever lived?
  • Do you understand you are still connected to that same Energy Source that entails Everything? You are connected to something that is much larger than even our Universe.
  • Which is “Truer” – one or two temporary perspectives from the short lives of a person (including yourself!) – OR- a perspective from the Massive Forces of The Universal Mind and Source Energy that created you and everything that ever was?

Focus on the CONNECTION that serves YOU best!

Look for, and release, your own Greatness, your Playfulness, your Imagination, your Abilities, your Creativity, your Thought, your Awesomeness, your YOU.